The Life of the Habitual Hobby Starter

So many things..

Posted in Uncategorized by frostedandstamped on November 8, 2009

So i havent updated in a while here is what has been going on in this crazy hobby filled life…Last weekend I baked things for church, then all week I worked with the lovely Katherine Shores on our senior project, including a photo shoot with KSUs mascot scrappy the owl, I also made another name frame for a babies room, as well as i finalized things for our trade show at work that over 1000 people will be attending.  This includes but is not limited to recording announcements, editing, preparing the 1000 name badges, and making 60 table decorations, I will post pictures soon.  This weekend was gift making weekend at Wendy’s and I was there from 11 – 6 Friday and 10 – 2 today and got everything done, and they are beautiful.  This weekend is also Archivers gift weekend so i went there on Friday as well.  Friday night was also stamp club at Mandy’s we made a quilt card and a never ending card.  Tomorrow I will make and decorate 75 red hat cookies for the Dawson County red hat society meeting.  I also have to finish the table decorations, and make some thank you cards for some folks as well as a few people who helped out at my grandmothers funeral!  I will leave you with this picture of my pumpkin cake!  It is my favorite for this time of year.  I owe you guys a lot of pictures, and I will get them to you but right now I just wanted to make a visit to the blogosphere and let you know I hadnt forgot about you!