The Life of the Habitual Hobby Starter

So This Is Christmas…

Posted in Uncategorized by frostedandstamped on December 4, 2009

It is my favorite time of year, seriously the excitement that I feel at Christmas time is just like no other!  I have had so much fun making cards for Christmas during the past few months, but there are still more to make so here are some of what I have so far.

I am also about to embark on some pretty huge tasks, I am going to scrapbook Flip and I since we started dating almost 4 years ago, my nephews lives and my graduation scrapbook.  I am expecially excited about the graduation one because it is going to be black and white and crushed curry.  I also am going to have everyone at the graduation party fill out little cards with a memory of me and some advice for life in the real world and I am going to put those in the scrapbook with pictures of graduation and my party and i have to finishing making my Christmas tree skirt!  I also have two huge but awesome cakes to do this weekend!!

But before all of that can begin Christmas cards MUST get in the mail!!!  The fact that it is the 3rd and I have not mailed them yet is SO out of character for me, seriously lol


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