The Life of the Habitual Hobby Starter


Posted in Uncategorized by frostedandstamped on March 14, 2010

Oh Hello Blog World!  No I have not forgot about you, I actually have much guilt that I havent been doing much on here but that is going to change!!!  I have a website now and I have linked over to here from my site!  So if you are here visiting from  Hello!!!!  I am glad that you are here!!!!!

I have been working a lot in my stamping stuff organizing and things!  I also have worked on several projects and been involved in several swaps which have been a lot of fun!

Baby Stars Picture Frame!

This is one of the projects that I have been working on and It is a frame to go in my friends little girls princess ballerina room!!!  I absolutely love this frame and love the ballet shoes, and how the purple border looks like a stage curtain and how the princess crown fit perfectly above the A.  Ok I just love this frame, it was my first little girl frame and I was just so thrilled to get to make it for Allison!


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